2016 Annual CUGH Global Health Conference



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• Governance
• MDGs and SDGs
• Human Resources & Workforce
• Planetary Health / Global Environmental Health / One Health
• Technology & Innovation
• New and Emerging Priorities for Global Health
• Financial and Operational Sustainability

Pamela Collins, Associate Director, Special Populations, National Institute of Mental Health
Richard Horton, Editor, The Lancet
Anthony Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases
Rodrigo Guerrero, Cali, Colombia Major
María Elena Medina Mora, Director, Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatría, México
Christopher Murray, Director, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
Minh-Thu Pham, Senior Policy Director, United Nations Foundation
Gail Reed, Research Director, Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba
Pamela Scott, Founder, The Curious Company

Roberto Tapia, Director General, Carlos Slim Foundation
Gavin Yamey, Associate Director, Duke Global Health Institute

CUGH 2016 Global Health Conference Photo