A Letter to President-elect Trump | In Support of US Leadership and Investment in Global Infectious Diseases

Dear Colleague,

Please see the attached letter that will be sent to President-elect Trump after Jan 20th. It was organized by the Infectious Disease Society of America and requests that the new administration support US led initiatives that have contributed to saving millions of lives from the ravages of infectious diseases. We know that these investments are vital to protect people around the world and here in the US from communicable diseases. Your collective voice is crucial to maintain and increase our efforts in this space.

CUGH is now accepting applications for Small Global Health Education Grants!

Dr. Tom Hall, a global health leader and one of CUGH's greatest supporters has generously provided a gift to support global health education grants. CUGH members are invited to apply for either small grants (under $5,000) or for larger grants (up to $10,000). Deadlines for the grant proposals will be March 1, 2017 and September 1, 2017.