Summer Fundraising Drive: Support CUGH's Activities

Over the last three years, since we set up our Secretariat in Washington, DC, the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) has nearly tripled in size. Currently, we have 146 institutional members and a network of 19,000 individuals around the world. Last April, our annual conference attracted 1800 people and was our most successful one yet. Over this short period of time we have added new activities, strengthened our committees across education, research, enabling systems, trainees and advocacy, convened leaders from global health programs, added new workshops and webinars, broadened our international reach and increased the menu of activities and benefits we are providing to those involved in global health. We have done this without any expansion at the Secretariat.

"Dreams of my Muslim Son" | Commentary from CUGH Board Member Dr. Zaman

A message from the Executive Director:

These are turbulent times. We are seeing, in too many quarters, a tragic and dangerous turn towards xenophobia, exclusion, bigotry and even hate crimes. Such actions are being directed against minorities who are often the most vulnerable communities amongst us. One specific group, Muslims, have been subjected to a particularly brutal rise in hate crimes and bigoted comments. As a counterpoint to these horrible actions and statements please read the truly inspiring and beautiful commentary piece by CUGH Board member Dr. Mohammed Zaman that was recently published in the New York Times. It is a wonderful testimonial to the best of what the US stands for from the pen of an extraordinarily accomplished Muslim American of Pakistani birth. I hope you will read it and share it widely. The link is below.