Making the university a transforming force in global health


The advocacy program creates information resources, tools, events, and partnerships that will help academic global health programs communicate strengths, achievements, value, etc., to others within their own institutions, to representatives of local, state and national governments, to the public at large, and to the broader global health community.

CUGH seeks to increase and create opportunities that enable academic global health programs to expand, evolve, and contribute to improving health worldwide.

CUGH Advocacy Program Seeks to:

  • Establish CUGH as an effective advocate and central source of information for global health programs and global health funding;
  • Support global health departments/centers/institutes in outreach and advocacy within their own communities;
  • Leverage support and expertise of the member universities to work together to promote the role of academic global health programs and importance of funding; and
  • Educate and inform the broader global health community with an emphasis on outreach to policy makers and media.

Below is an example of one advocacy program activity.