Enabling Systems

CUGH’s enabling systems focuses on dissemination of information, services, events, and products that concentrate on addressing the challenges associated with systems or infrastructure for academic global health department administrative and operations.

CUGH provides tools, information and resources to help academic global health programs achieve academic goals and gain cost efficiencies, enhance security, and reduce risk with global operations.

The Enabling Systems Committee runs a public listserve which you may sign up for by clicking here

CUGH Enabling Systems plans to establish:

  • A program for assisting institutional members to strengthen their global health administrative, financial and other high priority support systems to serve overseas programs;
  • Inter-university information exchange program to educate institutional members on lessons learned and best practices in implementing and managing global health programs that will include preparation and distribution of a guide to establishing global health programs; and
  • Clear definition of best practices in global operations.

CUGH has partnered with the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) in creating the International Resource Center (IRC). The IRC is an online resource for international activities and provides a framework for conducting activities abroad.