Case Studies: "Reasoning without Resources"

Introduction to "Reasoning without Resources"

Welcome to CUGH’s bi-weekly clinical case-series, “Reasoning without Resources,” by Prof. Gerald Paccione of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. These teaching cases are based on Prof. Paccione’s decades of teaching experience on the medical wards of Kisoro District Hospital in Uganda. They are designed for those practicing in low resource settings, Medicine and Family Medicine residents, and senior medical students interested in clinical global health. Each case is presented in two parts. First comes a case vignette (presenting symptoms, history, basic lab and physical exam findings) along with 6-10 discussion questions that direct clinical reasoning and/or highlight diagnostic issues. Two weeks later CUGH will post detailed instructors notes for the case along with a new case vignette. For a more detailed overview to this case-series and the teaching philosophy behind it, see Introduction to “Reasoning without Resources”. Comments or question may be sent to Prof. Paccione at: