Educational Modules

Through its educational programs, CUGH seeks to develop, collect, and distribute high quality global health educational materials; define standards and competencies in global health education; and address the needs of students, educators, and trainees as they seek to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become global health leaders. Educational programs are central to CUGH’s mission of facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience among interdisciplinary university global health programs.

Through the merger with GHEC, CUGH leverages 20+ years of global health educational resources development. Integrating GHEC’s extensive repository of educational resources into an accessible and useful format, and expanding them to address the critical inputs from the non-health sciences, is an important priority for the new CUGH.

In 2006, the Global Health Education Consortium (GHEC) initiated development of web based educational resources in under the leadership of Tom Hall. The central objective of these educational modules is the improvement of the quality and efficiency of global health education. GHEC created high quality modules on a wide variety of topics which students can review either on their own or they can function as a resource in an instructor-led course. Now with the merger of GHEC and CUGH, CUGH continues to develop and create global health education resources.

The modules have the following characteristics:

  • Range of course levels from introductory to more advanced courses
  • Designed for medical, public health, nursing & other health profession students as well as undergraduates
  • Usable in either instructor-led or self-instructional mode
  • Regional focuses and translated modules are available
  • Developed in partnership with student organizations, NGOs and universities
  • Student and peer-reviewed
  • Approved by CUGH’s Educational Program Committee

Persons interested in proposing a new module topic, being a module author and/or serving as reviewer should contact Tom Hall, Advisor, CUGH Educational Programs at:

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For Faculty

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